By-Annu Teli

Anxiety, makes you internally weak, 
even though you’re physically fit.

It’s totally sick,
having stress all over your meat.

Feel like you’ve been trapped
in a four sided wall,
nowhere to escape 
no hint of glint.

You want to shout with all your might
you feel like crying, tear of grief 
Let’s term it all Depression 
of family, friends or someone special.

You feel heartache right?
The one you can’t express.
Ocean so deep anxiousness

beneath the need for salvation 
is all that’s enhanced.
You can’t manifest
because it’s all perplex.
The world full of hurly-burly outside,
you feel trapped within your inner self.

Hey, all you do is ‘over ‘right? Overthinking, Overdreaming, Overestimating, overassuming.

outward smile outshine in 
your enthusiastic face
the melancholy strain within your soul is yet not engraved
in the tiny crack,

Alike the silhouette of your heart has been pinch with Angst 
and you dread with 
I’m Okay.



This poem has been published in the book 'The Last Flower Of Spring'. Buy the paperback copy on Amazon:


  • NUB

    Tajo Ramos
  • Keep working hard🤗

    Bini Rannia
  • Very nice,,keep it up ,,keep going

    Teli tamar
  • This is a wonderful poem. A few things that stood out was an acute knowledge of the sense of sound, in “no hint of glint” and the very Indian tone that comes through in the line that ends with the question-mark. The last line ties together the poem very well. Keep writing!

    Athira Unni

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