By-Divya Deora

As I tread along the roads we travelled,

I hark back to the times spent.

A sheeny smile adorns my face,

Until reality takes its course;

And emptiness fills my soul again.

My heart aches to see you going,

And tears are the only antidote.

You loosen the hold on my hand,

Breaking all promises,

Smashing every hope,

Shattering each dream,

Never to be one again.

Perplexed by thoughts,

Of questions unanswered,

What took us apart?

Create a tumult within me.

As I ponder sitting in a dark room,

I do not want to believe that you are gone;

And are nothing but a fading past,

That will illuminate every moment of my future.

I think of you.

I dream of you.

I wait for you to return.

I conjure you when I need you the most.

I see you coming.

You take me into your arms.

It’s a blissful and heavenly abode,

Where my thoughts are unravelled;

And serenity is restored.

But too soon a cloud of mist forms.

It is time for you to leave.

The cloud enveloping us,

Deters my sight and you become faint.

When I open my eyes,

You are gone;

And I am standing alone once again.



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