By-Amoolya Tripathi


She wanted to flip the page where their story ended.

But something stopped her everytime.

Sometimes it was the breeze of his memories and sometimes it was the paperweight of her love.


Isn’t it amazing! How a person who once was a stranger becomes so close to you and when you finally realize that he’s everything to you he leaves you all alone!

And that hurt, you know. That hurt real bad.


Before he left, he told me that I was too difficult, too complex for anyone to understand. That I didn’t know love and I was a selfish, aloof human.

That voice still reverberates in my ears.

And I have started believing what he said.


That’s what love does to you, you see. When you love someone, everything they say, everything they do, just starts mattering so much that you forget that they are as much human as you. We forget that we have given them this power, and they know our deepest insecurities and in moments of anger they can hurt us the most even if they don’t want to.

Even after I know all this, I just cannot believe it.

All I remember is his words. All I remember is myself through them.



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