By-Linnet Chahal


Why I can't find someone by my side

When I feel like expressing myself

No one is there for me in this world so wide

I'm just left to blame thyself!


All can make promises

Too too fake

Man! Just keep them a bit

Not for love but

Just for humanity's sake.


Saying things is much more easy

Proving them is way too tuff

When you need someone, they all get busy

What just comes to you is never a helping hand

But only excuses and shitty stuff!


कोई किसी के नहीं  है अपने

वो बड़े-बडे वादे कभी होंगे भी पूरे

कुछ़ नहीं होना है

ये सब हैं बस मन बहलाने के सपने!



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