By-Radhika R



when you stand

in front of the mirror

the reflection that stares

back at you

shall be cold yet strangely familiar

surely it can’t be her

your mind murmurs in protest

it cannot be the woman

you once refused to be

what did you do to

the delicate young maiden

who only knew to lament

to her heart’s content

and wipe her tears away

with no living soul

to grieve for her plight

what happened to the woman

who woke up every morning

to tear soaked pillows

and sheets pockmarked with blood

pretending to be fine

surely it can’t be her

your brain whizzes in agony

unable to get your head around

this new dawn

it can never be the woman

you once refused to be

what happened to the woman

who continued to offer love

even when she was left incomplete 

what happened to the broken pieces

left wedged within the bounds

of her beating heart

who is this woman, is she her?

stronger, stoic, emotionless and rational(?)

what has this world turned her into?

a vile, heartless creature of the dark?

what happened to my damsel in distress?

why doesn’t she seem as distressed anymore?

and as you look back at the mirror

you feel the glass creaking under

the strength of your reflection

this long slice of glass cannot hold

the new skins you have grown into

it might be a cage, closing in on you

but remember it is made of glass

and just like all the other things in your life

this glass too shall break

and as you close your pairs and let

the last drop of tear sneak from

those beautiful doe eyes of yours

the mirror shall shatter 

shatter into a million shards of obscurity 

and now, you my love is a free woman

you are no longer entrapped

seething with pain and fury

feeling emotions so intense

this cage of glass can never contain

this my love is the time to rejoice

open your eyes, raise your head

and walk out of the room

cheer oh cheer

because you my dear

is now a woman, free as wildfire



This poem has been published in the book 'The Last Flower Of Spring'. Buy the paperback copy on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/y9sydnxn


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