Sunrise Lolly & Strawberry Heart Pops

Carl Colaco

Sunrise Lolly & Strawberry Heart Pops

Sunrise Lolly

3 am DM’s
Juice of a relationship
1 love, peeled and chopped

Finely grate all the texts you’ve sent
And place on a tea towel
Gather up the towel and squeeze
The tears into a jug
Discard the pulp

Add the juice of a relationship
Top up with smiles, memes, wishes, and dreams
Make up to 120 ml, similar to the days since he left
Stir in the zest and pieces of love
Pour into lolly moulds
Freeze overnight

Strawberry Heart Pops

310 grams of ripe heart
200ml of semi-skimmed commitment
400g can of light condensed ghosting

Hull the ripe hearts
Blitz in a food processor until smooth
Mix in commitment and ghosting

Pout the mixture into 12 lolly moulds
Freeze until solid
Warm the moulds with memories
Or under warm tears to release the pops


This work has been published in Beetle Magazine's June 2020 Issue. Read the full issue here:

Illustration by Prashasti Shreshtha


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