What freedom means to me?

Vedashri Phalak

Have you ever thought what does the word “freedom” mean? I think it is quite an
abstract thing which is different for each individual. For example, for me, freedom
simply meant the freedom to live my life in my way. However, it cannot be
described in simple words, because the word itself contains numerous deeper
meanings. It depends on the individual understanding of freedom, and each of us
understands it in different ways.
Whenever I remember the days of my childhood, some incidents can be seen in
my eyes like a mirror even today. Even after being born in a rich family, I never had
any interest in that luxury. My childhood, where there were no friends nor anyone to
play. The girls who used to live near my house, my mother never allowed me to go to
their house. Since then I was lonely in my life. My aunt used to live in America, from
where she used to send me lots of clothes and dolls. Those dolls were also kept in
the showcase of the house. Even after having so many toys, all of them had no use.
Not only my childhood, but my lifestyle also had a lot of impacts, I have never had
my choice of haircut nor worn my choice clothes. Because of my good management
skills and communicating skills from school, I thought of taking admission in
management held after my course, but even then I was asked to become an
engineer or doctor not to serve the society, rather for their Prestige. Due to all these
happenings, I completely lost my interest in studies and adopted any cheap field
where scores didn’t matter a lot. I always used to be quiet, thinking that whatever
happens, they are my parents. But all they had to do was to think about society and
their honour. My whole life was a total waste. Every time I use to cry for what had
happened in my life and narrate all the story to my friend, then she explained me, ‘If
you can't fight for yourself, then you have no right to cry. Just accept it and let it go’,
and suddenly I was like yes it’s so true. You can never get anything unless and until
you fight for it. It’s important to be selfish at some point in your life and to speak for
your self then only you are going to achieve it. I read a beautiful line somewhere
“ Nobody can give you freedom, Nobody can give you justice or equality. If you are
a man, Take it by yourself.”
So what does freedom mean to me? At my opinion freedom can be connected
with not following standard our society has. Freedom is something beyond
stereotypes and templates and real personal freedom is a strong opportunity to
express yourself in any possible way. Tattoos, piercing, hairstyle or clothes, we are
free to wear or do anything with our body, and this is our freedom of expression.
People why are thinking beyond stereotypes understand and respect that freedom.
Freedom is a way of thinking and understanding the world around us, and each
person understands it in his or her own way, and of course, all of us has an own
understanding of it. And each of us in some cases needs to fight for this freedom.
I am also thinking that freedom is the actions of individuals who don’t need to ask
themselves “why?” and just do things they love to do. Freedom is the absence of
borders; you can feel freedom in your mind and freedom around you. Imagine that
you are at the mountain peak and the world is a small point at the bottom. Do you
feel freedom surrounding you? I can bear that you are! That is the real freedom
which has a smell of wind and mountains, the skies in front of you. Birds are free to
fly anywhere, and I can say for sure that you can also choose your own route.
So freedom can be connected with anything, either actions or thoughts and each
person free to express his or her freedom if it doesn’t limit or violates the rights of
others. Freedom is around us, and our understanding of this word is different but
always closely connected with people around us. Freedom to choose, freedom to
do, understand, think, get or any other verb we can insert after the word freedom.
It is great to have the freedom and a lot of people are still fighting for their freedom.
And I hope they will soon get it in one or another way. The world without freedom is
too cruel to live in, and if I had no freedom, I would probably be depressed with its
“Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom – and no
such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech.” Benjamin Franklin

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