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Through My Screen

Umera Riyaz

Wishing to weep in the arms of my lover
Seven seas away he stands
Awaiting his arrival
Wishing to fall asleep in the arms of my lover
Wanting to be held
To be snuggled into his neck
Wishing to be held in the arms of my lover
To soak in his warmth
To hug him till my arms go numb
Wishing to be kissed by my lover
To feel his strawberry pink lips on mine
To be rushed by butterflies
Wishing to be stared at by my lover
To stargaze his eyes like marble
To dunk into his depth
Wishing to get a scent of his presence
To sniff his cologne of his shoulders
To be around and in his aroma
Wishing to be smiled at by my lover
To watch his smile like a calm morning
To hold his face a soothing sunflower
Wishing all of it and none to get
I sit here reading to him through my screen
He pauses and smiles at me
Smiles; like the calm morning

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