the woman!


There is this woman,
fair complexioned, 5'4'', beautiful,
her skin literally glows divinely,
her hair dark brown black, dark brown eyes,
her lips pink as dawn, soft and slender,
her size 36-30-38.

Her energy is beyond her own league,
she has a spirit of bird,
she has the innocence of rabbit,
she has the alertness like a bat,
she is as sharp as a kingfisher,
she is as curious as fireflies,
she is just so so amazing.

But, there of course has to be a but.
There is A man,
tall, lean, belly of a 5-month pregnant,
teeth not so fine, hair not so dark anymore,
he doesn't look good, he is ugly.

He is rude, arrogant, self centered son of itch!
He has no respect for others,
he is cursing people all the time,
and also behind their back.
He is this obnoxious unpleasant man.

But, there of course has to be another but.
But she loves him.
But she is willing to go through emotional suffering for him,
she allows him to emotionally abuse her,
she allows him to physically hurt her,
that petty petty petty man!
She allows him to call her names,
she sobs silently,
he calls her loved ones by names,
curses them infront of her,
that man, tried to strangle her,
that man, controls her movement,
her life, her peace, her soul.

But, she is still with him.
Why is she not with me?!
- A 26-year old daughter of a once feisty woman.

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