The story of the streets

Gargi Khanna

Loud & crowd

And every other sound

Used to remind of a tale

People gathering without fail

The world seemed so ignorant

The streets seemed so exuberant

A little touch of generosity

And a whole lot of animosity

The happy song of purveyors

Sounded like a prayer

‘Let’s celebrate this union of uproar & glee’

May we explore the streets carefree!’

There was never a dull moment

Even the birds would be happy with you or lament

Kids screaming for more

Or vehicles going out of control

Lots of honking

Friends who were bonding

The story of the streets

Hopefully will soon repeat

Life doesn’t come with a tutor

As we all are oblivious to the future

Never thought I’ll miss the crowd

Let’s fill the streets soon whenever we are allowed


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