The Sky of Kites


At sundowns, I watch kites flying.
As the narrow shaft breaks the siesta of my hutch,
I see them soar higher-
In colours, in patterns,
Gliding sanguinely-
Like the proud owner of the sky.
I don't long to escape anymore.
The metalled bars are now my sun and stars,
This iron roof is my sky,
Twilights after twilights these encore.
The place I hail from, is different.
My afternoons had rainbows,
That painted my roof.
My nights had meteors-
Which illuminated my dreams.
Now, all those are incoherent.
I am scared to be allured by beliefs,
I am afraid to escape,
I don't wish to enjoy freedom for a while
And be trapped again.
I am caged for years,
I am confined behind bars.
My breath may fade here one day
But my voice will echo for centuries
And emancipate Millions out there,
Until this brittle cage completely wears.
I don't long to escape anymore,
But I dream of a liberal sky-
That will emerge out of nowhere
And embrace all the ones trapped here.
I dream of an endless sky-
Where they spread apart their wings of hope,
Where they live, they smile,
They explore, they fly,
They choose, they read,
They dance, they thrive.
I crave for freedom-not in space
But in choice,
Freedom to breathe,
Freedom to raise voice.
My life lessons have formed my foresight.
I am devastated yet upbeat.
My instincts lead to the mystic satori-
A brighter world would appear
In some parallel space and time,
Where zillion kites will sail merrily.
There will be a sea of blue above,
An unceasing canvas of clouds-
Painted with hues of freedom,
Adorned by festoons of pride.

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