Announcement: The results of Wingword Poetry Competition have been declared.

The Illusion of Freedom

Karna Pandey

I sought wings and get chained to the sky
for the birds are free is a lie & a lie
I am trapped in a motion,
of various emotion,
& my heart is an ocean of whys & why
& the mirage of exemption
glistening in the sand
for my racing heart and so it strands
it ought not ask the shimmer to low
for the cost of freedom is high & high
salvation is a sister, albeit step
for one to be free
but devoid of pep
but you shan’t get it and nor will I
hey you! please don’t pry & pry
there was an idea, once
professed by someone dunce
certainly it was his bunce
had him followers in abundance
“renounce the world O earthly being
and embrace the freedom true & blue”
I wonder was he speaking without a clue?
for hunger had his acolytes die & die!
Ride on time they said.
‘but how?’ was the question
‘for freedom comes with time’
was notion worthy of egestion
“time is a game you know”
“it’s a game of pinball”
“So you are the ball and time in a pin,
and time with play you, right & nigh”
Freedom is an illusion, so say I
it’s mist & a delusion, can’t deny
to reach a stage and be free & fly
go hold your soul and tell it a lie,
for if you think you can be truly free
Oh my my!

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