The Attempt

Abhishek Anand

I couldn’t feel, I couldn’t breathe
It was like I will never heal..
Burning inside for far too long
Nothing gave the sense I belong..
Years went by, Seasons along
None of the days made sense any long
I kept on moving I kept fighting
But it seemed like a very long haul
I was tired and I felt wrecked
Didn’t know if I could further neglect
It felt there’s no future to spare
Should I gave up or live in scare..
It was all an attempt to bear
The burden of life and denial to care
Wondering day and night what to hope for
I could no longer figure what it’s worth for
All I could find were some memories
Deep inside the heart it still buries…
I should live and should feel
For one day it will all seal..
One day it might come to an end
I may not pretend that I mend
So here I am walking again
Pretending to live and breathe in pain

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