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Streets - the place of joy and happiness

Suraj Gorti

Streets, are the most busiest places in our country. As, they're filled with hawkers cries, vehicles honks, pedestrians giggles etc. With the students enjoying their leisure time on the streets , looking here and there for a chat zone to chat with friends or else for a snack center to grab a snack . Not only the students, everyone

enjoys the street life and the memories with streets are filled with each & everyone. Most of the people , visit streets for shopping , roaming here and there , having snacks , etc . As it makes people to feel fresh and joyful . This is what makes the streets more popular and crowded. Because , the people who visit such streets, shares their experience with their friends / relatives. And they'll probably feel to go there and have some fun . So, this is the main reason for the streets being packed. However , you'll actually starts loving such streets in the evening time, as its cold and you get to see the lightings of the buildings and shops , which is mainly used to attract the people/customers.

But the sad things about streets are that while roaming we see a lot of people who are homeless, beggars etc. Looking at them makes us feel sad and pity. Though we can't do anything, but every time I visit the streets I give some money to such people/family to buy the basic needs for them and I even pray to the God to take care of them and fulfill their wishes. But some children or home less people, who can't be helped, starts becoming a local goon and thrash the people for money and even collects the money from other shops by giving warnings or threats to them which is the biggest threat to the shopkeeper and the streets. This leads to a nuisance in the streets and some one calls and informs the police about the situation and the police arrives there arrest them and beats them which is a sad situation. But looking at such happenings in the streets, other people who have the thought of becoming such goon and earn easy money will be erased from his mind as he got the result and he will never think about it again. So, I can say that streets defines the life of the students, homeless people, beggars and of many others. Nowadays, everyone are staying at home due to the Covid 19 and the streets are deserted. So I am missing the street life and I hope that the world will be normal and everyone starts doing their work. I hope that the streets will be crowed again and people come out on streets to Enjoy their life.

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