Streets (Shopping street)

Priyanka Srinivasan

I wander aimlessly
in a busy shopping street
With a carefree soul,
Wearing the heart on my sleeve
With horn sounds And crowded people
The mirage that appears
picturize a busy Noon
My taste buds gets a rebirth
On finding the mouth watering street samosas
And the colourful fabrics textile shops
Which forms the essence of the shopping street
With a coin sized Bindi in head
And shades of turmeric in cheeks
A stranger woman selling jasmine,
With tied lungi around his waist
A middle aged man selling
Honey flavoured bananas,
And the Minion doll key chains
selling immigrant worker
Sheds their blood in this Sunny afternoon
which paints the city Red
I could sense my favourite addiction nearby
Oh!! It is an old book shop
With second hand books
Combined with old wisdom
"An expensive kurti"
exclaimed my colleague On the other day
Only my heart knows the truth
which was brought half the prize
From Old Richie's Street
My journey back to home
Would be incomplete
With affordable Mehandi drawing
In both my hands
I look at the train ticket
Through which I travelled from home
It got the below words printed
"Journey to Happy Land"

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  • Superb!!!..☺️
    In this pandemic situation,It feels like am wandering in the shopping street.

    Really it is the “Journey to happy land”


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