Street called Life

Riju Gupta

Blazing sun
Moderate winds
70-80% humidity
Cracked roads
Racked foot paths
Scattered waste
Rising smoke
Pile of bricks in corner
Group of 4 children
Not older than 10
Running and shouting
With all laughs and giggles
On behind another
Carrying a white sack
Crossed the drenched children
In white shirt and blue pant
Soaked in sweat
Like they are carrying the world
On their back
one of the child
In check grey shirt
Looked at them
As he moved across
In back seat of benz
With ice-cream in one of the hand
18-20 year looking guy
Smoking ciggerate at one end
With eyes Hooked to moving benz
Surrounded with his gang
As the aunty from across
Drying her dress
What a cheap ass
Mason passing by her house
Basket on his head
And shouting
To mark his presence
A girl wearing heals
With a mid thigh and deep neck dress
Crosses a pool of water and mud
Worrying about all the effort
She made to look her best
Every man on road
Eyes struck to her pose
Thinking what a whore
Can’t she wear some more
A group of 4 may be 6
In mid 40’s to 50’s
Sipping their tea
While judging every thing they see
Discussing how its better &
How its worse ,for sharma’s son
Ignoring their own worse
Bells ringing
Azan singing
Ik Onkar ecoing
Horns honking
Dogs barking
People shouting
Life’s running
A sadhu sits aside
And Ignites
Now With glassy eyes
Grasped all this mundane life
Mumble’s these miserable lives
Om shanti Om shanti Om shanti!!
A guy, on top
Watching this all
And gasps
What a crazy life
And writer’s write
Welcome to street, Called

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