Start Oceans Apart

Faiz Ahmed

Lost in my deep thoughts I chose to remain alone,,
The feeling of emptiness seeps in, too painful I moan,,
Maybe it's the way my life has been since to all I'm mean,,
Hidden by a mask of smile or anger, scars behind, never seen,,
Ping! What's that? Shook awake by such a familiar tone,,
Frantically I reach out, pushing my way to grab my phone,,
Filled me up with more joy than a desert turned green,,
Face lit up, no longer grim, there's my shot of caffeine......
A journey in a flash right from the time we were unknown,,
To how we now know each other right to the bone,,
Spending hours talking about how amazing life would've been,,
If not for these oceans dividing us right in between,,
Crying, laughing, kissing, living on call and calling you my own,,
It's through these small moments in our hands that we've grown,,
No matter what, my love, it's always on you that I lean,,
Amazing how my entire world is now on the other side of the screen......

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