stages of friendship day


oh muma 
friendship day is coming
we need to get bands for my friends
i quickly get ready overjoyed to visit the market
and buy this year's new collection for my best mates
on my way i count the total number of bands that i need for my dearests
and i always keep some extras now because of previous experiences
for those whom i didn't expect would be sharing their bond with me 
and overwhelmed by their gestures
i pulled one out from my pack
tied it on their wrists pledging new friendships
now as we step into the shop
my eyes meet all latest colourful bracelets with stars and moons and shiny beads placed onto them
some special designs on friendship and quotes
i select my favourites two, four, six and more
and muma standing by my side is crying over the money i will make her pay
for these non-living bands that express the greatest example of friendship
next day we all meet in school running towards each other
our faces lit with happiness and love
we fill each other's wrists with threads of colours and promises 
and flaunt the number of bands we received
like winning oscars, nobel or grammys
when we get home and we take them all off and keep it in a box safely
like priceless treasures that needs to be preserved dearly
too grown ups for bands and bracelets 
now we make plans to hang out on friendship day
we plan for the big day and decide what to wear
we dress up and put on our favourite accessories
and fill our facebook walls with big captions and complimentaries
and leave comments with word of honour of forever bonds
we meet, we eat, we gossip, we pose together and click selfies
we explore the streets and we watch movies
at the end of the day we share our pictures and videos
and keep them in the memory card safely
like priceless treasures that needs to be preserved dearly
lost in the world of decisions and meetings
trying to figure out life and its meanings
muma suddenly shouts 'hey today is friendship day right'
and i get out of my bubble and quickly google friendship day 2020
there it shows
today is the day we used to jump over
today is the day when we shared dreams and made pacts
today is the day when we used to celebrate each other
my mind fills up with flashbacks and memories
of all those who i am no longer in touch with
all those promises all those friendships
left behind somewhere while growing up and unlearning
a lot of complaints a lot of questions
a lot of missing a lot of emotions
come running to me
𝘭𝘪𝘧𝘦 𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘦𝘯𝘦𝘥 is how i shut them completely
i walk towards my box of jewelleries
and i find those moons stars and beads looking up at me 
i search for all those pictures and videos
and i find them staring back at me
we engage in a silent talk and i revisit all those moments
that i keep in my heart safely
like priceless treasures that needs to be preserved dearly .

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  • nice, simple expression of a friend

    Sri K A Jayakumar Alias Raja

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