Self Acceptance

Ekta Singh

Embracing the feeling as I do what my heart desires.
Releasing the chains which has always bound me to the society.
Breaking free and flying to my own dynasty.
Spreading my black majestic wings, I fly in the sky leaving the rainbow dust.
Uncovering the unseen for the people who can't see.
Wearing criticism on my crown, arrows thrown are stuck on my back.
Not everyone accepts the unique as they are habitual of being a mannequin.
My wings cover the world as I discover the mysterious auras that are hidden.
Flying among the kites, getting tagged to my kins.
A single string of love attached to me as it grows from within.
The love which shows me the path to my home.
The love which makes my demons to run in a cave.
I go to my new journey with the price of solitude.
But I know this loneliness will end soon.
Collecting the souvenirs in the way, to spread around the gloom side with the message of happiness.
As it's found in the freedom of mind and soul combined.


  • As beautiful as they come

    Ria Nepolean
  • Simple… yet very profound‼️

    vanita dua
  • 💙😢beautyy💙😢

  • This is beautiful 😍


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