Devmitra Pandey

It was scary, it was dark

But there was always a little spark

There was heat, that I could beat

So I kept singing like a lark

There was nothing that I could eat

There was no one I could meet

All I heard was strangers talk

And my heart beating on repeat

I just wanted to be free

And not rooted like a tree

If someone could say 'on your mark'

I'd be running on one, two, three...

And now that the day had come

It was time to see the sun

As the darkness slowly disappeared

I thought it would be fun

It was time to know my worth

To watch this pretty Earth

As I unwrapped my eyes one by one

I knew I had taken birth

Oh what a sight it was

I saw shadows without a cause

So much victory there to celebrate

But all I saw was fear of loss

Hopes so sharp, they pierce the sky

Ambitions so deep, you'd drown and die

I kept dreaming of laughter and smile

But the first thing I did was cringe and cry

Nameless me, I hoped to be named

Rubbing my feet, afraid of being shamed

But at first, what I received was a profession

And minutes of silence that further remained

I was smaller than a pillow

Weighted roughly a few kilos

Yet I felt heavier than ever

And was abashed like roots of willow

A lot of questions in the room

Not sure what to ask and to whom

The only place pure and honest

Was nowhere else but my mother's womb

It wasn't scary, it wasn't dark

But there wasn't even a bit of spark

And before I left my mother's hand

The world mandated, 'on your mark!'

The world mandated, 'On your mark!'.

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