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Phon-y Love

Samikshya Thapa

We clicked.

Matches are made in heaven, don’t they say?

Well, this one was made by clicks on the same icon

of the same topic, at the same time, on a quizzing game!

Adrenaline rushing, hearts beating faster, our fingers clicked,

and game after game we just played.

While our undivided attention was on the question,

“who’s winning the next game?” unbeknownst to us,

our hearts matched.

You and I, opposite corners of a huge country,

connected by tiny devices held in our separate hands.

“Well, that was quite a game!” you texted later. I smiled.

We weren’t looking for love then, we merely wished

to play the game, forgetting, love is one.

We kept playing, games paved way for a friendship,

numbers were exchanged, hearts too.

A chat window held the secrets to our tiny universe,

your ideas, my tantrums, wait, were we online lovers?

As time went by, your voice became my lullaby.

Did you figure, I now wanted to hold your hand

instead of that phone? Did you?

I now wanted to touch that face, feel

your skin against mine, the radiance of your smile;

I wanted to rest my head on your shoulder,

but hey, we were only online!

So we clicked again, our thumbs caressing

the respective tiny onscreen keyboards,

typing away a love,

that existed only in texts and calls!

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