Love online

Janani Arunkumar 

Stranger behind this digital veil,
I am assuming this is another one of
Cupid’s play.
Tell me, it’s one other summer fling
Or, do I anticipate it to be a real thing?

Will you detest my individuality
And try castigating my intellect?
Would you be the supportive Prince Charming
I've never come across?

Would I hear guitar strings strum,
As love creeps in
finding its way?
Even then, after all that
Would love be love?
amidst these unusual

Could we possibly Make up to the
The warmth, the fireworks,
That would have commenced
If an epidemic had't interfered?

Would we Rave endlessly?
Talking all night,
Choosing each other
Over Morpheous’s arms.
Obsessing little things,
discussing dreams?

Would we look deranged,
with a constant smile?
Hushed voices, muffled giggles,
Lost,chuckling into our phones.
Like the very people
We've always made fun of.

Would it be a Disney movie?
If I may, a tad more magical?

Could I really judge you,
With a mere photo, the few lines
and a quote
written up your bio?

It could be a shower of confectionery,
Or a sudden whiteout stealing our glee
I hope you know,
communication is the key.

Farce and adherence
Are my metier
Assuring amazement
As a mundane

Dear new immigrant,
Enrolling for my heart,
All the very best.
Castles in air,
you’re the yin,
To my yang.

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