Lost in the sea of ones and zeroes

Gayatri Sriaadhibhatla

Messages don’t have the essence that those old letters which my mom wrote to dad had,
They aren’t together anymore but those pages stained like coffee still smell the
Just like a forbidden love that was never meant to be,
Years after technology developed,
Many of us, falling in different categories of this so-called misused dating lingo are bound to download these dating apps,
Ranging from one which says,” only for singles” to one which said, “meant to be
deleted “, never actually served purposes!

Dates which were once under the same sky watching stars together now turned into counting those stars on screen, very ironically under the same sky,
It is very irrational to say that in a pandemic like this where people who stay even in the same countries are virtually dating,
Isn’t your phone the actual girlfriend or boyfriend here where you spend hours
talking and texting!

Gone were the days where we used to take long walks,
The distance has turned good morning coffee cups to texts,
Touching each others faces to touching dusted screens teary-eyed,

I sit and wonder, what if we were still in the 70’s where there were letters and
telegrams which were the only way to communicate,
Maybe their love was so strong that even in utter silence, they could adore each
other so much,
Those were the days when love was like that old grandma’s recipe you would never get bored of,

We have come a long way from dating to online marriages and couple goals
But surprisingly, aren’t we peaceful with the fact that we can see their faces and
listen to their voices whenever we want,
Love has changed its ways but the essence is still the same where they are just a click away!

But, honey virtual dating comes with complexities
Where ghosting, catfishing and striving hard for a profile has killed the whole
meaning of finding love,
Dating language has changed and took into many forms which we never knew,

It’s not just loving anymore,
It’s also fwb, hooking up, looking for friends, weed/ drug company and many more,
It’s just a sea which you keep swimming without a destination!
Isn’t it?

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