Life On A ChessBoard

Ayush Arya

When life gives you squares,
Paint them into whites and blacks
And Arrange them on a board
For life is no less than a game of chess
Yet full of lessons
Have a look at those pawns in front
Those numerous pieces
Guarding their king
That you don't always need a sword
If It can be done by a needle
Take those small steps
Go past those obstructions in the way
And in the end, you'll have a chance
To be the one
The best they say
The Rooks in the corners
Can cover it all
If there lies no existence of a piece of
their own colour
To limit their reach
Similar to our lives
We have those peculiar mindset
Which sets a bar on our progress
Once we get rid of it
There's not much to worry
The L shaped tactical formation
In a knight's move.
When there's no straight path
When there's no coming back
Choose  the unorthodox
And Add it to the groove
Next comes
The brothers of destruction
One to the right of the queen
Other to the left of her reigning king
The bishops helps us in understanding
How important it is
To find someone
Who can compliment our work
And together
With our divergent vision
We can trace the whole region
Prioritise your deeds,
Like you prioritise your queen
For that might help in
Getting the best out of
At last
Comes the ruler
The chief, the king
How well you need to coverup
All the aspects.
In order to achieve
The fellowship
to checkmate the opposition
And establish your leadership.


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