let me be your boyfriend

angana sarkar

“Hey! Next week I am coming to your city.”
“Great , then let’s meet.” They share the date, time and place where they will meet. Kavya was so happy that she almost forget all of her tiredness coming after from work. Kavya, 27 years old, software engineer working for an IT company. Live a simple, happy and a balanced life. She was kind of perfectionist with any kind of work she do.

[One week later. That day.]

it was unexpected heavily raining in the month of May. In morning no one in the city expect this rain would happened in the evening, so Kavya also didn’t expect this before coming here. She specially took a half day leave from the office to come here. She was so excited, finally she can meet the person. In the way from bus stop to the café she was almost wet. Today was the 1st time meeting with any guy in all alone personally to her after her 5years old School love story ended. She came here directly from the office after the lunch break, because of the rain it took more time to reach to the café, luckily she leave early. After she waited for sometime.

Abhimunya, her date finally came.
It was almost one year back, they both talk first time, thanks to the social media
they get to know each other in those days. Kavya loves to draw, so she always share some of her work on social media and those drawings which attract Abhimunya first. Kavya didn’t like that much of using social media that’s why she had few friend on social platform those she personally knew, but Abhimunya was exceptional in her friends list. Abhimunya , 29 years old, a successful businessman, always focused on his career, work. Kavya was the first girl he liked till now. Actually he never focus on this side, he was always busy to make his business successful. He also had interest in different kind of art that’s why her work catch his eyes, when he first saw her work on social media he didn’t notice that owner of the work was a girl actually for first

When he actually contact her to know more about her work or was she sell her
work or not, then he came to knew about her. From post liking to 1st conversation, in one year they became close with each other, they always chatted whenever they had free time, because of different cities they couldn’t meet but today Abhimunya came to her city to meet her. Kavya was almost wet so her hair also, she just open her ponytail to dry, now she did not care about good looking, because the rain ruined everything. They bot never saw each other, actually they never needed to saw each other. It will be their first meeting in person, Kavya was excited and nervous also about it. When Abhimunya came to the cafe, he rarely took few seconds to find her and went straight to the table where she was waiting for him.

“Hi Kavya, I am Abhimunya.”
“Hello.” Kavya smiled but she was surprised more how he just find her, she checked her phone if he text her or not, but no he didn’t contact her. She was more surprised to saw him in person. In her eyes, he was perfect. Tall, handsome, has a board shoulder, not less than any prince of any fairytale. She was lost in her world how can someone be so perfect. “You look pretty and elegant, exactly what I imagined.” She looked beautiful in those peach color dress, her soft glowing skin, which was wet make them more soft and shining. When she smiled the curved of her lips was perfect. The water dropped from her hair, flowing through the almost hidden mole of her checks near the ear to her shoulder. She didn’t even realize that. As soon as he saw her, he compliment her in calm, which make her blushed. “Thanks. You also looked handsome.” He even imagined her before meet her which make her more blushed. Abhimunya was always good at talking, before today also when they chatted, she liked it every time. She was the most happy person when she talked with him, his small word can lift her mood, make her feel good. He always tried to make her happy. They always share their daily life even if they can’t talk for the whole day, they must found time after work to talked with each other. He always gives her own space, which makes her feel good about her and also him. But this time she felt different, she felt more warm, security while he was around her. Normally she talked more, but today she can’t, she can’t even make an eye contact with him, she was blushing like a little child. She can’t believe is it true. What happened to her, she want to stop the time here, does not want to passed this time, she was almost fallen for the guy.

She would not believe in love at first sight till now if she never meet this guy. She never experienced this feeling before, not in her past relation, this was completely new feelings for her, she wanted to jump, went to him, hug him and confessed her feelings to him right now. But she was afraid, she didn’t want to lose this guy, didn’t want to hurry about love or making any decision about it, she want to give more time to this new feelings, want to understand it, she could not make any mistake this time. After sometime she calm herself, she didn’t told him anything. It was almost past one hour, they meet, now they have to leave, obviously Kavya was little sad, she did not want to leave, but she had to, he had his flight in night. It was not heavy rain but still it was raining very slowly. Kavya had to cross the road for the bus, they both say good bye each other and she moved forward to the bus stand and Abhimunya was standing there, outside the restaurant facing her back. Kavya almost reached to the middle of the road, suddenly her phone rangs, it was call from Abhimunya, she received the call. “Hello” Other side was silent, no one responed. She was surprised, why he called now all of sudden and didn’t talk, did he lost his mind! Though she turned back and looked at him with surprise. Yes, that’s real, he was still standing there and looking hopelessly at her. “Kavya, I don’t want to wait anymore, I can’t. I have something to say to you.” Now she was afraid, what happened to him, why he didn’t say anything when they were in the cafe, why he called now in the middle of the way back, her heart beat became first, she didn’t even move from her spot, speechlessly looking at him.

“Please date me. Let’s go on the real date now, be my girlfriend. I don’t know what you think of myself, but I like you, let me be your boyfriend. Let me love you .”  Abhimunya always had feelings for her, but he never told her, to him she was like a lucky charm, he never felt so comfortable with any other girls like he felt with her. She always expect him with his all flaws and mistake, with her he felt different kind of comfort. He didn’t want to pressurize her as he knew about her past relation that how much she was afraid of love someone again. He thought that maybe he will lose her if he confesses his feelings to her. But today after saw her, he could not control himself, he didn’t want to lose the opportunity this time, today if he could not told her than never he can so he gather some courage and didn’t think of anything anymore, just said to her. Now he was more scared, what happened if she rejected him. Suddenly the rain stop, the sky turns into pink ocean of cloud. Like the universe also with them today. Like every one in the world want them to be together. She feel like she was on the top of the sky, she want to fly now, she was now free of her thoughts,her fear of love again. She was correct, he was the right person for her. There was always some reason for someone’s meeting in your life, maybe he came to her life to
make her free, to love again. Again she fell in love with this guy. She again want to love, wanted to be loved by someone. She smiled and almost ran towards him and hugged him. “I love you Kavya". “I love you too.” He made some promise in his heart that he will give this girl everything what she needed, all the love, happiness, everything, make her everyday full of love. Again love won over everything. She was the luckiest person in the world right now. Finally love find her, thanks to the internet, the social media that they both found each other, there love found each other. These roads, those shops, the universe, everything at this moment will be the witness for their love, the new journey of love


  • Love this.. Keep writing 🤗

  • Keep it up. Every persons feel the same feelings for someone.


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