Just by a Click

Swetapadma Nanda 

Just by a click .
Who knew it would start by a friend request ,
Living distances apart from east to west .
Just by talks over calls and texts,
Would made me feel that blessed .
I knew in a time like that it would go bit hard,
Wanted to fly to his place just like a bird .
Things were impossible in a time like this .
Instead of travelling around the world ,
Our feelings and emotions travelled across every single social media sphere .
We haven't met each other physically yet ,
Still bonded with each other over the screen holding tight .
Seeing each other from other sides of the country with hopes and glasses of wine .
Laughing over each other stupidity on the things we could create in our minds by various mindful crimes .
Yea falling for something like this rare ,
Ignored people's mindful comments and stare .
Unto each other from no network to free wifi ,
Promising to be there and won't let each other die .

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