Independence_Illusion to Illumination

Deepak Kanoujia

We all are in illusion

Illusion to ourselves

Of being independent

Of flowing freeness.

We are so unconscious of this freeness

We are conscious in making life useless,

We are treating independence with so unruliness

We are so independent even to accept the slavery.

Slavery of our own heart and of some fake relationships

Slavery of attachments and of detest situations,

Slavery of unawareness and of so-called rituals

Slavery of unhappiness & slavery of not being self.

Can anyone again break the illusion?

Drawing a bridge from illusion to illumination,

Where we are meeting again the exalted Buddha

Where we are meeting the enlightened Krishna.

Dreaming independence of illuminated hearts

Dreaming independence of illuminated courage,

Dreaming independence of disciplined inner souls

Dreaming independence of fearless celebrations of knowledge.

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