If I Were A Flying Kite

Dr. Bhavana Jain

Everyone has a desire to fly once in the sky. How beautiful it would be if we were able to fly. We would go to the places. We would travel. We would fly. It feel so good to think about it. In addition, I have a desire to fly in the sky. If I were a kite, it would have been best. I would have dressed in different colors. I would fly with my freedom in the sky. If I were a kite, I would live my life with my own will. I would keep flying with my wings. I would spend my life with fun, performing the responsibilities of human life. Like human beings, I would have no desire nor fight. I would roam free from everywhere. There should be a life which you have your freedom. It is very happy to live that life. If I were a kite, I would just fly around the sky being free from all problems. I would not care about anything, person, fame, idea and society. I would not care at all, nor would I have to be tie myself in bonds. I would not have to unnecessary hold a human being through out the life.

The fascination of the world, away from illusion, remains happy and touches the
sky. If I were a flying kite, I would just fly and fly everywhere. I would not come
down. I would just live in the sky and make my home there. There would be nobody to trouble me. Only birds would be my friends there. I would talk to them and play with them. If I were a flying kite, I would touch the clouds. I would fly with birds. If I were a kite, I would cover the distance between earth and sky. I could go where it was my dream to go. I could see the whole world in the sky. I could touch the tallest buildings. If I were a kite, I would make my house in the clouds. If I were a kite, I would also take my friends on the clouds to travel. If I were a kite, I would have my own life where nobody would have put in boundations. If I were a kite, nobody scold me. I would not need to take permission from anyone to go anywhere. When I would like to go, I would be able to go. I always dream of seeing the whole world. If I were a kite, I could travel the world as a whole. I would go to different countries and meet people there. If I were a kite, my wish would be fulfilled. It's not only my wish, every individual n a lifetime thinks that he/ she would fly. To get the places and live the way we want would be amazing.

I would go to the places of my choice. I would travel to the hill stations. Hill stations are my favourite spots. They are wonderful and to be able to explore them from the summits of the sky would be so beautiful. It would be like a dream come true. I would be able to touch the mountains. The mountains, how they touch the sky and looks magnificent. Similarly, I would fly near the mountain as a sky. This is the advantage of being flying kite. The snow on the peak of mountain looks so heavenly. Ordinary human being can only look at the mountains. Ordinary people can only look at the snow on the peak of the mountain from distant. People are not able to see it. People are not able to
witness the beauty. They remain deprived of the view. The view which is so beautiful is not visible to them. The vision which is so amazing cannot be seen by them. It is true that they have achieved various things. They have developed so my things. They have made inventions and creations. But they have nothing to be touch with the summits of mountains. They are not able to have its clear and clean view. They are deprived of the natural beauty. They cannot experience the bliss-full feeling. All these are not available in the world. But I am being a flying kite do all the things. I can have all the visions. I can see the beautiful sneak peaks of the mountains. I can fly over them. I can feel cold breeze. It would below over me. It would startle me.

It would mesmerize me. It would fill me with chills. It would give altogether a different experience. I would fly over the mountains. I would see the birds flying along with me. I will have all the pleasures of natural beauty. Human beings cannot have all these advantages. As a kite, I would feel very light. I would feel myself from burden. I would feel happy. I would feel content. This is the beauty of being a flying kite. Every human being want to be free. They want their own space. They all have their thought process which is different from one another. They want to live in their desired way. But they are not able to enjoy the freedom completely. But kite has all the merits. This is the beauty of a flying kite. As humans, we are bound to certain things. But as a flying kite we are independent. I know being a kite cannot be possible, but still, we can desire to be a kite. While writing on "If I were a flying kite," I felt as I am a kite, and I am flying in the open sky. I know it is not possible, but we can dream of being kites. It is not necessary that after being a kite, only then you can see the world. You can go anywhere and mind even being a human.

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