Freedom to listen, reflect and express

Sampurna Nanda

Freedom is that force
Which has the ability to enforce
The power to think about one's inner state of mind
Whose solutions are difficult to find
It has the potential to release those negative vibes
That keeps me pricking like the blunt knives
The Art of Life speaks of freedom
A lease of freshness from boredom
Freedom do instill hopefulness
By adding flavour to our happiness
Hope is that feeling which can trigger
Feelings of excitement which would linger
And leap into a profound show of resilience
I would float in my inner world of indepth silence
Freedom does allow my being to think of my dreamy seasons
That might ignite my heart to be alive for better reasons
Freedom can make me the master of my fate
To master over my creations till date
Freedom for me is getting rid of viral covid 19
Which do bind us but hold us apart
Forcing mankind to end lives and do depart
I want that freedom of expression
Which would entail a long lasting impression
The liberty to make my inner soul express
All my sentiments and fancies through poetical verses
To gently seek access through this new quietude
And do shower my expressive attitude
I have been trying to ponder ,listen and reflect
And analyze on my priorities instead
Having understood my life as persistent and relentless
I have stopped being worried and restless
Freedom of mine stands curtailed and sealed
But I have been trying new ways of getting healed
Self isolation could be captioned as an ideal
Focus on health and hygiene has become an ordeal
I am constantly making decipher
Whatever the corona factor may infer
Freedom to draw out positivity
Have power to create serenity
Serenity encompassing peace and tranquility
Where I would be getting rid of negativity When critical phases underlying the
pandemic have become the norm
I am trying to know where exactly we have lost the form
The virus has already spread the tentacles
And fear seems to hang over like the sword of Damocles
The disease is striking beyond man made distinctions
But it is also trying to overcome discriminations
I need that freedom of mind
To create a history of a different kind
Weathering the darkest storm has become my priority
I have accepted it as my challenging responsibility
Being the child of my mother nature
I would struggle to keep intact her future
My mother nature is reminding me to acknowledge
Humility, integrity and global challenge
I have tried to emerge stronger and more resilient
By exploring concrete ideas and authentic actions as evident
Although the virus hold us apart
I want the freedom to have a fresh start
My freedom to unmask the ongoing tragedy
Would definitely develop a better remedy

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