Free as a Kite

Snigdha Jaipuriyar

If you ask a historian studying late at night
To explain the term “free as a kite”
They will tell you it is the fight
That gave society its deserved right
And relieved it of its plight
I believe freedom can have many meanings
For a child, it can be playing on the swings
For a student, when the school bell rings
For a harassed worker, moving on to new beginnings
For an entity, the repayment of its borrowings
For the wronged, the end of their sufferings
For some communities, being treated as human beings
With love, respect and acknowledgement of their feelings
I believe freedom means to spread your wings
Whether for the poor or the mighty kings
However, I fear freedom also brings
A feeling of entitlement that leads to wrongdoings
As people misuse freedom to satisfy their cravings
Let me give you an explanation
For my consternation
That if freedom is not practiced with caution
It can lead to society’s stagnation
I recently heard of a man who refused to take precaution
In this dire COVID situation
Because he claimed to be born in a “free” nation
Giving clear indication
That he did not care about the consequences of his action
Upon the rest of the population
When I hear, “free as a kite”
I look at more than what is visible in plain sight
I look at the string that has been supporting the kite’s steady flight
The frame, beautifully colored in orange, green or white
May be clearly visible in the daylight
But the string in the back holds it tight
So that it can shine in the spotlight
Without the string holding it upright
It will lose its great height
Crash on the site
And will be destroyed on a tree under the scorching sunlight
This metaphor brings to light
That freedom is meant to delight
But if the intentions to use it are not right
Despite all its goodness, it can blight
The future of society which could have been very bright.


  • Snigdha, I am amazed by your writing skills The poetry is so well crafted and the message is so apt in the present context. Keep writing. Waiting eagerly for the next one.

    Nishi Ranjan
  • I never thought that you,a kid, will have such amazing thoughts and the ability to express them so nicely

  • Extremely well written! A strong portrayal of today’s world.

  • Extremely well written! A strong portrayal of today’s world.

  • Such a beautiful poem!

  • So well written❤️

  • Enjoyed reading the poem with its deep meanings and excellent construction. The underlying message is loud and clear and so relevant in the present context.

  • Excellent expression of thoughts. The conclusion drawn is so apt. Loved reading the poem.

    Joohi Smita

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