Dreamy state

Kshitija Deshmukh

I feel free
in my dreamy dreamy state.
Because, here, to get anything
I never have to wait.
I can reach anywhere
without getting late.
I can achieve anything
without having to rely on fate.
Here, there’s nothing
which I would hate.
No limitations at all,
anything I can create.
Everything is eternal
in the figure of eight.
I just need to imagine
and my favorite food is on my plate.
Here, everyone gets everything,
there’s nothing to debate.
Each one is their own boss,
there’s no one to dictate.
If I make any error,
it’s magically easy to reinstate.
If there’s anything I am discontented with,
within seconds, I can update.
Time literally doesn’t exist here,
no month, year or a date.
I wish this was real,
here, life is so great.
For me, freedom lies
being in a dreamy state.

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