Sameeksha Agarwal

On a normal day, if you ask me what I’m made up of

I’ll tell you I’m composed

Of flesh and bone

Of rage and confidence

Of brown skin and black hair

I am composed

Of my name and surname

Of my mind and my grades

Of my tough front

I don’t shy away 


But today,

Today, I don't think I was right

I want to change my definition 

If I might


Today, if you ask me what I’m made up of

I’m the rain that showers

On a sunny day 

I am my half written poems

On some page torn away

I am everything outside

The comfort zone I’ve chosen

I am not my boldness

I am my vulnerable moments

I am the lightness I feel

After a random breakdown

I am the hug I’d give my friend

After this bloody lockdown

I am the butterflies in my stomach 

Just before an examination

I am the the train I missed

On reaching late to the station

I am larger than my mind 

As vast as the ocean 

I am love, hate, fear 

I am every emotion 

I am my mood swings

Irrational and random

And if I saw my celeb crush 

I’m a dumbstruck fandom

I am my blotchy face 

After I ugly cry 

I am not just my truth

I am also my lies 

I am the thoughts

Spinning in my head 

The chaos, the confusion 

The moments I dread 

I am a volcano 

Ready to erupt

I am my thoughts

Crazy and abrupt 

I am my success 

And I am my failure 

My beating heartbeat 

And my quirky behaviour

A little bit of my posts

A little bit of my tweets

A little bit of this and that 

And my composition is complete.


  • Wow loved it !

    Omkar Hegde
  • Loved it!

  • This is so good!! Love it❤❤

  • This is so good!! Love it❤❤

  • OH WOWWW this is really brilliant, love it


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