Cheers to streets

Nidhi Rawat

A truth

A tale

A wager

Of sales

A pointless search

A regardless wail

Buy my lady finger !

Buy some of my sweets!

Buy some healthy time,

Buy some worthy treats!

Walking down,

This gravel path:

Some lit, mostly Dark;

Have you ever hit your head,

That left a mark.

People may come and descend,

To whatever Karma suits;

This path remains the memoire recruits

Existing souls just pay and pay they hard, O tribute!

Monsters in Shade

Or a little kitten, O Jade!

Whatever you seek

Is a matter of insignificance:

Some diddly-shit,

Some Googly eyes,

Shops that were passing by,

Some hobnobbing strangers you IDENTIFY Those

path had seen and will see;

Too many of infancy:

Emotional misfits,

Regional mistreats,

Professional hits,

Lost and found wits,

Still these streets remained for every skits.

She came out as though, it’s hers

He came out as though, it’s his

My queen! , my heart!

Isn’t this for every Pride?!

Not to make a nonsense, so that you could sleep at night;

Oh my! who could handle a shunted fight.

Providence of many mark Left,

Many Spots revisited;

Many play a role of habitats;

Many left as glamorous exalted;

That not even curfew could keep vaulted.

Seen too many,

Done too much,

Missed too often,

This cult of love.

Dear miss. Nature, you proceed to give

Lesson taken, to the brilliant verse

That you possess human survival or worse

We can acquire Granites and bronze

Deal with all Stick and stones

Our journey relents, we walk! We walk!; and go on and on

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