An unfettered Flight

Afreen Khan

I am a kite
seeking to soar to unfathomable height
but my rein fall in the hands
of others; I can't set free
for my string is tightened,
only loosened to be tightened again,
a tension persisting.
My freedom is a sham,
I am too naive to think I'm free
for he is the one that controls me
my flight and fall is his to choose;
with a strike, I'm unstrung and blown off,
before I crash into the ground
the runner comes chasing me
until I'm caught and taken
to go through it all again.
I am awed to see a creature
that flies like me in the sky,
Bird is what she calls herself
she doesn't need wind to fly;
North or South, East or West
her direction is not by others set
This bird has come from far and wide
traversing forests, seas, and miles
but I'm stuck at one place
to gauge the distance
from ground to sky;
this bird has seen nations many,
traveled lands and oceans
My reach is limited; why?
Why can't I be a bird
with no strings to pull me down?
I want to break free
from this dreary shackle,
not to crash on the ground
or to be chased; caught by the runner
but to fly in the limitless sky,
an unfettered flight.

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