Preeti Rungta

As I look at that bird
Flying higher in the sky
I wonder who is free?
I or she?
Am I free to believe
My in laws home is truly mine
And making mistakes here too is totally 􀉤ne
Can I still work in office till late hours
Wear anything without any bars
Will my husband understand me when I am sad
Can I still take a day off when things are bad
I still wonder who is free?
I or she?
Am I free from my past
Which still haunts me in broad daylight and dark
Am I the slave of my own desires
Those attractive and shiny attires
Envy,Greed,Laziness and Grief
These emotions of mine
Are they in check?
Or are they controlling my mind?
Am I truly free to exercise
My Constitutional Rights
And express those opinions
Which You feel are not right
Am I free to ask for your empathy
Whether it be for physical pain
Or Emotional emergency
Am I free to play cricket with those gully boys
Leaving aside my dolls and soft toys
Can I pursue those careers
Which you regard as unconventional
Can I express my own sexuality
Without being labelled as cheap and sensational
Am I free to wear that short dress
With those stretch marks and protruding abs
Am I free to pick that heavy barbell
And build a physique which you cannot marvel
Can I truly break these barriers
Imposed by others
And some shamelessly mine
I still look at that bird in the sky
And wonder who is free?
She or I?

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