A story of an Indian street

Krati Samaiya

They told her not to,
Wear a short dress,
As they were carrying
a lot of stress!
“Log Kya Kahenge” was
Not to be refused and “Zamaana kharab hai” was Their excuse!
So after all this mess
She decided to wear a
Full sleeves covered dress
But still I don’t know why
She was raped !
The day was breezy,
The devils were creepy,
Googles on eyes,
Drunk n high,
Grabbed her waist without a sigh!
She shouted and yelled,
Begging for help!
And the Same people
Who told her
Not to were a short dress,
Captured every thing on their cameras but,
No one stood for help!
Crying in pain,
She tried to explain that,
Her lost virginity is a result of,
But again the society said,
“Maybe she was wearing a short dress!” Now I question myself
Is this how we suppose to live?
And as I was thinking
Nirbhaya was raped!
People showed aggression,
Cursed the devils in aggetation !
Blamed the government for the brutal case!
Marched on streets with candles in their hand!
But I ask - is this all enough?
If yes, then why asifa was raped?
She was not even wearing a short dress!
I think now it’s time for us
To do something more than just speak
So that women in India can roam around fearlessly on lonely streets!
I hope this story of an Indian street touches your heart , mind and soul to the core so
that you don’t define a woman by the dress she wore!

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