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50 shades of Freedom

Radhika Sumanam

The nuances of freedom are difficult to understand
Even to the greatest historian on the stand
Wars were fought over the ownership of land, then and now
Revolts have occurred against oppression and slavery, then and now
Voices were raised against governance and policies, then and now
Yet, we say we are living in the free world now
The history of mankind has witnessed a drastic improvement in technology
Yet, we still see racism embedded in our society’s biology
We are living in glorious times of the twenty first century
Yet, gender equality is still in the list of future visionary
Even though nuances of freedom are really difficult to understand,
I get to laugh with my friends and family, on the other hand
I get to the see smile on my kid’s face
I get to live life at my own pace
I get to sing and dance in my happy rain
I get to voice my views without any refrain
To me, the beauty of life lies in these small things
To me, these define the freedom of human beings

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