You will leave too

By Reborn From Ashes

After losing people and finding none by my side,
I started thinking about myself.
But,I wish I had looked myself as the guide.
But NO, I started neglecting myself, torturing myself.
I saw the other me in the mirror with messy hair,
I somewhere believed the 'me' in the mirror is not fair.
I hated myself, I believed people, when they said, " I am wrong".
I did not talk to any person for 8 months long.
One fair day, when I was little sane to reply a guy,
I replied his three days ago text with a 'hie'.
I knew him, he knew me, since we were five.
But now, after reading me, he says ,' you should live a merry life'.
Little he knew, how hard I have made my life to live,
Little he knew, that I am insane enough not to outlive.
He still thinks he can make me smile.
He still makes me feel I am not dumb.
He made me a part of his daily life style.
And here I am standing numb?
He's the person I got after 1 year,
Here I stand again with the fear,
With the fear of losing him.
With the fear of living a life so dim.
I have the fear to show him my soul.
I hardly know if he will like a heart as black as coal.
My greatest fear is that eventually he will see me the way I see myself.
My greatest fear is that eventually he will have to leave my side for himself.


  • Loved your poem,never stop to write.

    Ritu Agarwal
  • Totally amazing.. loved it :) <3

  • “My greatest fear is that eventually he will see me the way I see myself.
    My greatest fear is that eventually he will have to leave my side for himself.”

    The thing that we always fail to realise is – the other person knows us more than we know Ourselves. They see us as the best soul on this earth. And this is probably the reason why they are always there by our side and they know us so deeply. Why they know us so well? They asked about our likes and dislikes? Naah… They noticed and observed our every single shit. Why? Because they wanted to.

    This Fear is but obvious.
    They’ll be heart-broken to see us the way we see Ourselves.
    But they’ll still be by our side.
    And if they don’t – Then listen to the bitter truth of life – “They are not worth these Fears”
    But we know right…the worth of the other person.
    So one should be happy coz it’s already known that the person is worthy. :)

    #Soul_Sis ;)

  • Amazing:)

  • Awesome writing! I totally loved it. Keep writing, I hope many more to come..❤

    Tanuka Sarkar
  • Your writing is beautiful. I look forward to your writing.

  • Mesmerizing poetry..

  • Keep up the good work. I’m sure you’re a beautiful person. Take care. :)

  • Always mesmerized by reading your writings. This is just the starting and I know many more are yet to come.

    Neha Sharma
  • speechless
    I usually nva have d patience to read full but when u start this u wud wish that ut never ends.

    Ashish Agarwal
  • Awesome??

  • It’s Beautiful


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