You treacherous beings !

Kanika Sharma

Dreams are treacherous beings,
They are no railing to hope as you thought, but a slippery slope of delusion.
Nightmares are not the villains here, nope
Nightmares wake you up from the slumber at least; it is the Dreams.
Dreams are treacherous beings,
They make you go through sleepless nights,
They make you chase them as if they are some golden larks,
Failing which you will be pushed deeper into the dark.
They make you believe in fairy tales that aren’t real,
You falsely believe they are made of colours all so bright; -golden, silver and teal.
But I did not dream of a fairy tale,
Mine was just a regular, all I ever wanted was to be happy, hearty & hale.
All that I ever longed for, going far away from me,
The Sand of time slipping through my fingers.
And happiness standing there, mocking me in my face while I long for it.
Oh Dreams, pray tell what do I do with the perpetual sadness you gave me, that forever lingers?
I long for happiness every day, and every day my breath becomes more laboured.
Tired and done now with this forever chasing,
I curse myself then, I curse myself for chasing you
Because you Dreams; are treacherous, treacherous, and vile beings.


  • A heart touching of perspective to the dreams and how sometimes things change so fast to get a grasp of it you got to put everything through

    Rachit Dua
  • Hazzoo khawasiye Assee ke har khawase Pe dum nikle…Great really touching 👍👍

    Dinesh Joshi
  • A very heart touching perspective of dreams. Keep penning your thoughts into such beautiful poetry.

  • Mam! That was very deep. Dreams! Are really Treacherous Being.

    Ashish the Foodmaniac

  • Beautifully reflecting your sentiments and the turmoil going inside,within each of us.I feel as if you have portrayed my pain through your words. God bless you. Keep doing the great job.

    Anupma sharma
  • Dreams are indeed treacherous being. What a poem! So relatable and yet so fresh in perspective. Thanks for putting your thoughts up, it inspired me to stop chasing the dreams and start living in the moments

  • This is truly a magnificent piece . Kudos for getting featured

  • This is truly a magnificent piece . Kudos for getting featured

  • Great effort

  • Awesome stuff kanks

  • Deep, dark , abstract and intellectual ♥️♥️

  • Awesome twisto to dreams !


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