You Know

By Sanu Kumar

"You know
I know your feet.
Yes you know
I can feel your heat.
But empty pockets
never dates.
Ignorance seems better
than those due plates.
And I know
You see me with a wow.
But you know,
I'll never see
flee of my honey bee.
I know you & I know me,
So I know,
I can't keep you happy
Like your daddy.
You don't know?
my eyes blow
they flow
in the arms of my Maa.
and I know
You love me like my
I've seen the world making fun of me.
And I know
You're so fond of me.
I break the words
Their laugh bursts
I come through all
then came a doll.
Who giggle
And for me its increadible.
Out of the world.
I stammer and you giggle
Though today
I shout on me
Doubt on me
But I know
Five to ten years from now
Any how
I promise you'll be proud of me.
Then I know
In your selfie
You'll pout for me
I promise you'll be proud of me.
And I know 
you'll be so
& You too know.

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  • Hi,

    I just loved your lines and felt like, its something that you are going through. As simple your lines are, as powerful the impact is. Great……

    With Regards


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