You Are A Woman

By Anamika Singh 

The world will stop you, 
and tell you not to dream big.
But darling, don't get upset because they are afraid to see you reach the zenith of success.
The world will tell you not to fly high because if you fall you will cry.
But darling, don't get scared, they are just jealous of your courage to fly high.
The world will tell you, you are good for nothing, because you haven't fit their definition of successful life.
But darling, they don't understand the fact that you are made to do wonderful things.
Which will leave them in the condescending amuse for their whole life, wanting them to reach your heights,
Hoping to catch your just one sight.
The world is full of normal people, don't be afraid to be a divergent.
Hold onto yourself and your brilliance,
Hold onto that courage which is only found among one in a million.
For these things will make you empowered, 
For these things will never let you be a coward.
You are a woman, so wear that flag
Proudly like a crown, like a swag.


  • Wow.. beautifully writtn.. keep it up ?

  • Commendable.
    Nice work. So proud of you.

    Tanvi Sharma
  • Awesome….

    Shantini Singh
  • “You are a woman, so wear it like a flag” Loved this.

    Akanksha Chawla

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