Yet Again

Satyasree Rajeeth

It was all soft and feeble in the beginning. A depressed and broken voice of a girl…..

She said, “It was dark. There were none
I tried to scream and I couldn’t even run
I tried to find my voice
But lost it after that one last noise

I could recollect. It was mine for I could see so many men in line

I still feel those scratches, those bite marks on my arms and blood bleeding from down there
For I was a morsel that was put up for an equal share
Cheeks red, not from blush but the blood rush

I can still recollect the number of slaps
How they traced their fingers through every part of my body like some map

My bosom hurt. The memories are not worth
It’s from those heavy monsters that slept on me time and again
I don’t want to recollect
But I have to tell, for a plain and uninteresting story never sells

People need interesting news
They often end up making their own views
Be in my shoes and you’ll know
How it feels when those monsters are let loose

I couldn’t feel my head
What was once a long beautiful mane, was tied with a rope to a stone
I can still feel all of my broken bones

I was tortured and my femininity was ruptured
‘I want to get out! Take me from here’, I begged
The dungeons were scary, all I could do was get teary

I begged you, I begged for my life, my virtue, my pains, and whatnot
But You left me to rot”


Saying so, the voice faded. I started sweating profusely. My hands started to tremble. There was a sudden rush in my head when I heard the same voice scream yet again

“You uncouth monster, Wake up! Wake up for my memories will haunt you till your death
I want to strip you off and make you unworthy to bed
To bed any woman. Cos you are not worthy to be called a man
You will be tortured. I will not rest until I put you to test
I will make sure you lose yourself for you snatched what I once proudly called I, me, myself”


I woke up, startled. It was two years since the incident and never did that dream miss a night

I live my death every day as if it were my right
How I wish all of this was just a nightmare
I still repent for how I never cared

I look at my daughter sleeping beside me still traumatized from the unspeakable event. I had no right to feel a even a little furious about the animal that ruined her life. I sigh and try hard to get back to sleep

Back then it was me, now it’s someone else; nothing has changed. These girls were raped.

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