Yes you know me

By Rushil Agarwal

Let's play a tricky Game.
Yes Your Highness,
You have to guess my Name.
A Herculean task wouldn't it be,
I exist in you,
But there's no U in me.
I promise to be with you in your blues,
So now what awaits you,
Is a cascade of clues. 
" I am a resident of your dark hours,
  I am the child of your deep scars.
  I eat no food, I drink no water,
  I occupy space but I am no matter.
  I live with the failed;depressed who is,
  Our world is separate with none to miss
  My doors are open for whom all are shut,
  Assaulted who was, but tagged a slut.
  I find myself very close to those broken hearts,
  Which dreamed of oneness, but now lie in parts.
  I am the cane to those who have turned senile,
  With old skin, loose pants and a toothless smile."
If you are still puzzled,
Just hold on tight.
With the last few ones,
You will get me right.
"Good books you read, sometimes you travel,
   You go online or watch movies and marvel
   This all you do to just get rid of me,
   An abstract being with whom none wishes to be."
Yes are correct with your guess,
Yes Your Highness,
I am Mx Loneliness.


  • Good work Rushil ! Keep it up :)

    Abhishek Jain
  • Thanks a lot Sona for that beautiful comment!

  • " I am a resident of your dark hours, I am the child of your deep scars…. Very beautifully written and your rhyme harmonizing with ur vivid expressions…. Keep it up Rushil :)

    Sona khajuria
  • Thanks for your comment Chinmay.It means a lot!!

  • Superbly composed bro, too deep, amazing work!

  • Shakti and Prashant….Bhaiyo bahot bahot dhanyawaad.

  • Thanks for that lovely comment Riya!!

  • Thanks Aashita ma’am and Abhay sir….

  • Bhai Aaaaag laga di.. bahut badhiyaaaa

    Shakti Mani Tripathi
  • Nice abstract with superb presentation Rushil !!

    Prashant sahu
  • Proud of you brother.Keep writing!

    Abhay Pratap Singh
  • Awesome lines Rushil!!

    Riya Dubey
  • Awesome work rushil??? really proud!

    Aashita Saxena

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