Sleep, a miracle
Thy, thread is too fragile
I felt heaviness on my lids,
My pupils tended to get dilated.

I closed my eyes and whirled,
Plunged into another world,
As dark as duskiness
And everything was out of my sight.

Through that dusky path, I saw a lit,
When I moved towards that glow,
An ancient 'mandapam'
Much of lights blinked.

Variety of visions mesmerized my sense,
Soothing fragrance blowing from whence,
I was accompanied by a sweet smell,
Wow! Divine space surrounded by a pond.

Water lilies looked out in the beautiful twilight,
Trees had a spooky look in the half-light,
Crowds were gathered,
Traditional melody started to hear.

The elegant dancer in me stepped into like a verse,
Dance as a powerful impulse of money,
And dance as a skillfully choreographed art,
But for me, it's my passion and pleasure.

Soul of my art was expressed through emotions,
But people had a variety of notions,
On the stage, I moved as a dancing beauty,
But everything was silent.

Sound of 'chilanka' created a song,
Sound of my dance created a wing,
To paint a masterpiece on the canvas,
By the colour of the music.

The universe appeared void,
The spectators remained frozen before my passion,
Pretty peacock floating in and out of focus ,
Exciting but not reflected in the eyes of the crowd.

I couldn't forget the frozen ones,
The thoughts conveyed as silent blowing breeze ,
My movements ended up with the pause of music,
I held my breath, caught by the power of nothingness.

Caught like a deer in the lights and gird
'Guru' a noblewoman of the dance world
Appreciated me and said, "treasure it always."
This blessing comes from the Divine.

Crowds shared opinions excitedly,
In various languages unknown to me,
I heard the sound of life,
I felt the rhythm of mind.

I had slipped away at the crack of dawn,
My body clock helped me to enter this lawn,
I expressed puzzlement over the thoughts
Then, I realized sleep is always a miracle.

I tried to recollect the scenes,
I stared with brooding eyes
Yes, some important sequences I remembered,
Then I framed it on a screen.

Dream, imagination of mind
My soul, flows in the wind
Cool air pats gently through my body
Musings made me to a deep sigh.


    keep it up. Sooper.

    Saritha K Thampi
  • Sona, it’s really nice. Keep writing my dear friend…hold your passion and fly high with your ‘chilanka’..

    Greshma P Raju
  • The words are deep
    No wonder no one can ever peep
    It’s your dream
    It’s your realm

    The bit you shared is a miracle
    In you there’s a oracle
    Life is full of wonder
    Keep enjoying it’s splendor.

    Best wishes Dreamer

    Rev. Subin John Mathew
  • Great write my sis . Keep writing, God bless you.

  • No wonder….your dance seen in real life….well done Sonasubin…..

  • Beautiful Poem. Keep writing

    Liji A
  • Super Sona

    Bindu KK
  • Sweet and beautiful ….
    Do pursue your passion and pleasure
    and continue writing……

  • Deep and lovely poem
    Keep it up👍

  • Sooooper teacher…no more words to explain..more to goo

  • Well, Sona..a nice version of the dream of your passion which took you to sublime level you longed to the dance performance…. The virtual background was interesting and some where I felt falling in a fantacy world… Well.. that ought to be what is precisely part of such narration… Well done… Keep it up

    Rajendra Kumar B
  • nice Poem
    keep it up

    Hema shaji
  • nice Poem
    keep it up

    Hema shaji

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