wonder why?

Sridevi Sudheer Nair

I glanced through the room,
In hope of seeing him again.
He was a joy that made me swoon,
A worry that made others brood.
Over-enthusiasm was his first name.
Too much energy, his surname.

Restlessness was his dearest companion.
Occasionally not, when it came to me.
I still wonder why.
His unusually brown eyes, gleamed with zeal,
All the time.
I still wonder why.
When the world complained about him, he paused a bit,
and smiled. Complacent. That's what he was.
That's what he was expected to be.
His masculinity had denied him, freedom to cry.
Even if he falls, patriarchy will hold him,
Tell him to be strong, keep his head high
And bid adieu to his true emotions.
I still wonder why.

Like everything else, practicality too has a limit.
When he had crossed the human level of it,
He would come back to me for healing.

Patriarchy never healed him,
It isn't the best medicine to cure a man's wounded soul.
To heal him, he had to be loved, taken care of,
Human emotions heals his inner wound.
But society neglects it.
I still wonder why.

Patriarchy had taught him,
Stain the emotions of others, not your masculinity.
Still, It doesn't come with the blessing of love and care,
To heal him of his wounded soul.
I still wonder why.

The overly emotional me, never healed him.
The fear of "byes", had already built a nest in my head.
Regret choked me, I couldn't heal him.
But, complacent he was.
Strong he was.
He will be healed, assured my overly emotional heart.
I'll pray for him sincerely to be the best in all that he does,
" please give him the best in life, God", tells my overly emotional heart every time.
I still wonder why.

Hiding my emotions,
Destroyed me.
With him,
It comforted me.
I still wonder why.
As I continue to write, my mind tells,
"shush"! Don't tell the world all of it!
For they will wonder why.


  • It’s really good… chase your passion Sri. Don’t get into the race of the world for your world is in your mind. All the best

    Annie Sunil
  • Continue writing Sreekutty so that your name will be one among the renowned writers.


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