By Dhanashree Das

Like every soul and blood
She is same,
No, she is not same.
She has uterus,
She has two ovaries,
And she is gifted with a womb.
She bleeds every month
That makes her body to bear  child.
She is strong,
She is bold,
She is courageou,
And also she is intellectual and witty.
She leaves her own house
To fill other's house
She sacrifices her parent's arm
To make other's parents happy
Yet, she does her job so graciously.
She can handle herself,
She can guide herself,
Even she can teach otheselves.
She can fight back
She can protect herself and even She can protect otherselves Whom she loves
That's the earthly figure 
Called as "Women".


  • Hmm! Such a sensible topic. Need guts to write like this. I never thought that Dhanashree has such a good idea.

    Rajbanta Nunisa
  • Thank you :-)

    Dhanashree Das
  • It’s indeed beautiful Dhanashree..

    Kaushik Dhritiman Goswami

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