With Each Falling Leaf

By Meera Chandra
With each falling leaf,
The hope to see a healthy future fell off.
With the birth of a new vehicle,
There was the birth of a hazardous demon.
With the ash of every cigarette,
My life seems to devastate.
Where is the forest that soothes my eye?
Where is the snow clade mountain, where my soul resides?
Where is the river, where my thoughts can flow?
Where is the vibrant sky, for me to glow?
Is it not wanting to be with me?
Or is it me, letting go of it?
Will I see the same the birds chiming tomorrow?
Will I get up to the graceful sunrise tomorrow?
Tomorrow, will I see the clear sea?
Or Tomorrow, will the flowers dance in glee?
Okay, The answer is NO I can see.
But we can change it to YES, can’t we?
Can’t we just cut out the usage of plastic like we cut the trees?
Can’t we put the trash in bins, like we dump them in the seas?
Can’t we Plant a tree, and enjoy its shade and fruit for free?
Can’t we just cycle around, instead of the vehicles whose smoke we see?
Can’t we save a little for future, for our generations to come?
Can’t we use the reusable stuff, so that the earth has to work a little less and we help in some?
Can’t we not smoke cigarettes and let the air be clean?
Can’t we do any good to the mother earth and stop doing further sins?
Can’t we preserve some vulnerable Biodiversity?
Can’t we let the forests be and not cover them with concrete cities?
Can’t we let the animals live in peace?
Can’t we be compassionate, and do some good deeds?
Of course we can, and we need to.
Of course we all will.
Only we need to get out of the comfort zone with laziness’s sill.
Let’s just take an oath to do the best we can,
Let’s just give a little contribution, an identity and an proof of we are humans.
Let’s show some humanity towards the nature.
Let’s nurture the one who has always nurtured.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Mother Gaia' 

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