Wishing a childhood

Tejala Valluri 

I wish I hadn't lived my childhood in a protective bubble,
and had been the kid who would often get into trouble.
Beaming with a smile that says, "I'm up to no good",
but with a certain innocence that would ease the mood.

I wish I was the kid who had danced in the rain.
And in a food fight, my weapon of choice was the tiny drum filled with grain!

I wish was the kid who would climb over a wall that we,
were only allowed to look at.
And would break a window, with the ball that flew straight from my bat.
A mischievous smile still intact.
and some friends fondly patting my back.

But I was the kid who always put her head down,
staring into the ground.
Wanting to be freed;
I believe there are many who belong to this breed.



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