Wish someone knew her pain

Mishita Rungta

After everything life had given her,
She faced it with a smile,but this time
It seemed like it was a strong wind,
It just blew,blew everything away
All her dreams,all her reasons to be,
She didn't know how to react
Coz this time she lost her faith on life
It seemed everything just broke,
That broken her stood up
But this time her hands had her dream
Which she deposited in the bin
As if that is the safest place to keep them
She did it again,but this time she couldn't gather herself back,
She lost the chirpy her,she did come back
But now it's the fake her,
Only she knows that pain,
She still wonders how the world is,
Everyone said a little,
Everyone listened a little,
But as it is said,
A glass once broken,
can be fixed,but it will have cracks always,
And it was those cracks,filled by destruction,
Those self destructions,
That lost faith was replaced by trust issues,
That lost dream was filled with garbages,
It seemed like a transfer,
Dustbins had her deposited dreams,
And her hands had her own destruction,
Instead of oxygen her breath smelled addiction,
Addiction of self destruction,
She donated her identity,
Identity to fight,
Identity to live,
And identity to move forward,
And it was once when her hands had dreams,
And now when her hands have alcohol,
As if that's her life,
Only moto,only reason
It was once her only favourite thing was self love,
And now its self betrayal,
What was it that was difficult!?
So difficult that she lost herself in the bars,
So difficult that it made a simple girl,and addict
An addict to harm herself,
But she was so tired,that what she only saw was relief,
Even if it was temporary relief,
She was so tired of outside betrayals,
That for temporary relief,
She betrayed her own self,
She was the same girl,
Who use to love hanging out with her friends and family,
And now its again the same girl,
Who knowingly unknowingly spends time,
But with addictions,
Smoking became her breaths,
Water was replaced by alcohol,
And this time she didn't come back,
She couldn't,
Coz what she fed herself in these months only destroyed her,
It was too late for her to stand up again,
And it was now,when she left everything,
And there she goes,
Ending up everything,life gave her.

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