Shiba Khatoon

Fierce yet harmless, strong yet tender, overly curious and restless, the tiger cub ran deep into the Jungle. Overwhelmed by the sight of the unknown, yet attracted by it spooky mystery, the cub crawled deep in.

There were ghosts around-with the intention to gobble down the cub. The cub defeated them and went further deep into the Jungle. The place was surrounded by a ring of burning flames and in the midst rested the Great Devil with keen red eyes and sharp, pointed claws. The Devil smirked and politely approached the cub.

While crawling deep into the Jungle, the cub was warned by the creatures about this Great Devil, waiting to devour any creature surpassing its resting place. The cub listened, reflected, and headed straight into the heart of the Jungle- with greater zest and briskness this time.

The cub was playful. The cub was made to believe how shrewd it was. How manipulative it was. The cub was hurt beyond feelings and emotions. The little cub could sense immediate connection with the lone Great Devil.

The cub had unconsciously developed this undying need to be understood and in the quest for this undying need, the cub had cried and inflicted pain on itself for days, weeks and years; had lost appetite and had grown weak in frame.

The Devil approached the cub with care, love and compassion. The cub felt guarded in the company of the Devil and together they spent their days feeling alive for the first time when suddenly the Devil’s negative energies over-powered him. The Devil charged at the innocent cub with claws covered in bright red hot blood. The cub was taken aback and ran for safety, hid itself in a small cave-like camouflaged structure.

The Devil realised the sudden rush of the killer in him and the grave sin he committed by suddenly charging at the little cub-his only true and real companion.

The sensitive cub trembled in fear. The cub looked parched and pale. The Devil tried hard to win the confidence of the cub and pleaded for forgiveness.

Alas! The cub breathed its last and before closing its eyes forever, the cub murmured from a safe distance- “My Final Destination to Wilful Self-Destruction!”

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